ORVALDI Genset -Silent canopy

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أورفالدي- شركة صناعية مستقلة لمجموعة شاملة من مولدات الديزل  مع تراوح القدرة من 50 كيلو فولت أمبير إلى 2000 كيلو فولت أمبير و التردد 50/60 هرتز.  تتوافق  مع المحركات الدولية مثل 

Perkins, Cummins and Deutz.

الشركة المنتجة: ORVALDI
كود المنتج: ORV MG
ORVALDI Genset -Silent canopy
ORVALDI Genset -Silent canopy
ORVALDI Genset -Silent canopy
ORVALDI Genset -Silent canopy
ORVALDI Genset -Silent canopy
ORVALDI Genset -Silent canopy
ORVALDI Genset -Silent canopy
ORVALDI Genset -Silent canopy
ORVALDI Genset -Silent canopy

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أورفالدي لحماية الطاقة: متخصصون في تقديم أجهزة على حسب الطلب لتلبية احتياجات الزبون. لديه مهندسو التصميم  المدربون في استخدام التقنيات الحديثة لتصميم مجموعات من مولدات الطاقة و أنظمة التحكم  التي تلبي احتياجات ال عملاء بالتحديد و الدقة. توفر مجموعة مولدات الطاقة من أورفالدي الطاقة الرئيسية او الاحتياطي للمستشفيات و المصانع و المكاتب و مواقع البناء و المطارات و البنوك و أنظمة الاتصالات أو حيث تكون الطاقة الموثوقة ضرورية.

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البيانات التقنية:


The latest EC norms about noise, according to the “Directive 2000/14/EC” state that the sound emission limits dpend on the power of the Generating Set or the Engine Driven Welder. The limits imposed by this Directive relate to the Guaranteed Sound Power Level that, as opposed to the Measured Sound Power Level, takes into consideration all the uncertainties that may arise from production changes or different measurement procedures. The reduction in the mentioned limits happened in two phases: the first in year 2002, the second in 2006. The Directive 2000/14/EC also requires that the manufacturer amrks the machine specifying the Guaranteed Sound Power Level. The indicationof the Guaranteed Sound Power Level must consist of the single number of the guaranteed sound power in dB, sign LWA and the specified symbol.

Noise level (LWA) Represents the acoustic energy emission from a source in the unit time, independently from the distance. The LWA is the measure of the machina Noise level as per European Regulations. It is measured in bD(A).

Represents the pressure caused by the acoustic waves emission measured at a certain distance from the source. Its value changes according to the different distances from the source. It is measured in bB(A).

Sometimes there is a certain misunderstanding between LWA and Lp. The following table shows the mathematical relation between LWA and Lp values at different distances form the source.

Electric Power
Pel kW


Admitted Power Level
(LWA) 03/01/02
Phase 1

Admitted Power Level
(LWA) 03/01/06
Phase 2


Pel ≤ 2

LWA dB(A) 97 + log Pel

LWA dB(A) 95 + log Pel

2 < Pel ≤ 10

LWA dB(A) 98 + log Pel

LWA dB(A) 96 + log Pel

Pel > 10

LWA dB(A) 97 + log Pel

LWA dB(A) 95 + log Pel

Control Systems & Switchgear

ORVALDI control systems offer a wide range of specification from simple manual start system to the latest state of the art automatic starting. Fully automatic synchronising including auto start/stop on load demand for multi set systems is also available. A full range of automatic transfer switches (ATS) along with a full range of operational switchgear is also available. Auto Mains Failure Panels are designed to automatically start the generator and supply power within a few seconds of the loss of the mains. The AMF panel controls the generator operating conditions; it protects the generator in case of any malfunction; it stops the generator when the mains supply returns and then prepares the generator for a new start.

The Automatic Start panel is available as a:
• wall mountable panel or a
• free standing cubicle.

The front panel includes:
• digital read-out selection for: frequency, battery level, mains/generator voltage, current supplied by generator
• stop and start controls
• operating functions selection switch
• led warning lights for operating conditions control
• timer device for operating control program
• engine hourmeter.

All circuits, (operating control, checking and regulation), are controlled by a led programmable microprocessor which enables the programming of the functioning parameters, according to the requirements of the particular application. The microprocessor card is positioned on the front panel, making it easy to replace if it gets damaged. Every on-going electrical signal is protected from any possible damage caused by mains over voltages. All the GenSet panels are provided with a four pole changing over, an automatic battery charger and a multiple cable for the connection with the generator.
Other optional features available on request are:
• long distance transmission remote control facilities for the alarm and operating conditions
• PC interface.


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